23 May, 2010

Wedding Invitation Card

Finally get to see (and touch) our wedding invitation card in Kuala Lumpur. We have ordered them all the way from De'karda, an Indonesian company. We are so grateful that our very close friends, Eva and William, have highly recommended this company to us.

Dealing with Ms. Imelda from De'karda was quite a professional encounter. We have contacted one another via emails and a few phone calls from Melbourne. The cost for each invitation card was very reasonable at less than US$1.00 per piece. It comes with the envelope and a plastic cover. There was also no additional charge for the embellishments e.g. ribbons (which De'karda had looked after for us) as well as the design of the content. We were told that in Malaysia, an invitation card like this would cost up to US$6.00 (RM20.00), and quite often the supplier also require clients to tie the ribbons themselves.

The only catch was that we had to order at least 300 units, which was fine in the end because we have given a few of them away as souvenir.

Shipping costs were not included in the unit price, however, the total amount was not costly. However, Grace (my nanny) did have to haggle with two of the Malaysian custom officers at AirAsia cargo to reduce the import taxes. I can only say she was good with that because we only paid RM100 instead of the original RM500 requested by them.

Ms. Imelda changed the size of the envelope to a bigger one at no charge.

The wedding photo was the only thing we had to develop and attached
onto the card by ourselves.

We have also ordered some wedding favors/ bonbonaire from De'karda. They were salt and pepper shaker figurines with our names and wedding dates printed. It came in an red organza bag as well as a little thank you note that was tied to the bag.

Overall, we love them!